Posted by: cloverchild | August 8, 2010


This is all the more I can describe many blogs online today. I can only hope to come even the tiniest tenth of what some of these lovely posts manage to express. I hope that this blog will grow, and blossom just as beautifully and hopefully as poetically.

I recently have been having a troublesome time with my life. Unable to get a house loan, bills are creeping into a pile in the corner, and I am getting nudged into work long before I wanted. I’ve managed to have a few precious months with my small daughter, and for that I am ever grateful. But her first birthday is fast approaching; I can only hope that I can make it a magical day for her.

I want to achieve something with this blog; I want it to help bring together some of my ideas for my little family, and possibly unite those with others, and help someone who may be along a similar path. I want to write about the everyday, the mundane, so as to bring some much needed appreciation and illumination to the subject. I want to savor all the small moments in life.

As to why I named the blog wee robin…

Ever since my days toiling away under a hot sun at our local nursery, I always seemed to have the robin

as my constant companion. And anytime that I find myself hard at work, a robin seems to be

nearby, nodding in favor at my hard work.

So I would like to have my omnipresent robin at hand whilst I am writing.

Hopefully to be my muse.


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