Posted by: cloverchild | September 18, 2010

Pomona Neckwarmer

I’ve been trying my hand at tunisian crochet lately. It’s really such a cool way of combining crochet and knit techniques…I’m scheming up a pattern for some tunisian soakers  as we speak

To test out the waters I made a sweet lil neckwarmer..I’ve had apples on the brain (especially so I named this pattern Pomona

I’ve explained how to do the stitches for the pattern, but if you’re unfamiliar with the basics I’d recommend reading/watching some tutorials. It’s not too complicated but kinda strange to try and explain here on this pattern. 🙂

If you have any problems or questions let me know!

Pomona Neckwarmer

Size G Tunisian/afghan hook

Small amount WW yarn-I used some Caron Simply Soft, and didn’t even use half a skein it seemed

4 buttons

Ch 18

Pick up row-pick up back loop from second ch from hook, then each across. 18 st.

Return row-yo, pull through one loop, *yo, pull through 2 loops* repeat * to*

1st row: work pick up row as Tunisian corded stitch (tcds)*- like knit stitch-insert hook into second st from front to back, between the two vertical bars. Pull up a loop, yo and pull through loop just made. Repeat this across.

Work the return row same as previous back row worked .

2nd row: Repeat last row.

3rd row: work pick up row as follows: starting with second st from hook, work 2 tcds. Work next two st as purl st: put yarn to front of work, insert hook as if to knit-front to back, between vertical bars. Put yarn to back of work, yo and pull through st, making sure to pull loop up and over the yarn that you have in front of the st. Don’t pull it through the yarn in front!

Repeat this pattern across (k 2, p 2) across, end in a k1.

Work the return row same as before.

Repeat Row 3 for desired length, just enough to overlap edges for a buttonhole row.

Next row form button holes: 2 tcds , wrap 2 st around hook (if familiar with knitting terms, cast on 2 st onto hook), skip 2 st. Repeat across row, ending with 1 tcds.

Work return row as above.

Next row: Work tcds across. Work return rows as above.

Bind off, weave in ends.

Sew buttons to corresponding buttonholes.

*A video tutorial of this stitch can be found at


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