Posted by: cloverchild | February 18, 2011


Recently I did a swap with a fellow Raveler for one of her beautiful tarot bags(You can see & buy them here: I made her a Tunisian neckwarmer for trade, and I wanted to share the pattern. I forgot to take pics before sending, in my excitement, so here’s one of Tina modeling for us!


H hook-Tunisian/Afghan hook

WW Yarn-I used Caron Simply Soft, so make sure it’s a similar yarn-simply soft is on the lighter side of WW

Special Stitches:

Esc-Extended Single Crochet: Insert hook into st, yo & pull up a loop, yo & pull thru one loop, yo & pull thru 2 loops.

D-Esc-Double Extended Single Crochet: Just what I’m calling this one-Insert hook into st, yo & pull up a loop,[ yo & pull thru one loop]twice, yo & pull thru 2 loops.

T-Esc-Treble Extended Single Crochet: Again, just what I’m calling this. Insert hook into st, yo & pull up a loop, [yo & pull up a loop] three times, yo & pull thru 2 loops.


Ch 25, pick up back humps across ch. Work regular return pass. (YO, pull thru one loop, YO and pull thru 2 loops across)

Next row: tks across, work return pass.

Work until piece measures about 19 in

Next row: Tks to last 6 sts, tks2tog, yo, tks to end. Buttonhole formed. Work return pass.

Work one more row of straight tks.

Then work a bind off row in tks. Break yarn, fasten off.


With RS facing, join yarn to bottom corner of work.

Sc in same st as join, sc in next st,* [esc, d-esc] in next st, [d-esc,t-esc] in next st, ch-3, sl st in next st, skip 1 st, sc in next 2 sts*

Repeat *to* across. End with 1 sc in last st.

Break yarn, weave in ends.

I also added an embroidered triple moon symbol. Feel free to add what you want!




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