Posted by: cloverchild | March 7, 2011

Denim Skirty

Because I am so excited for my class tonight, I decided I needed to make a few more Tunisian projects to bring in to show what can be done with the technique. I also have been wanting to make my DD some cute summer items (despite the non-cooperative weather) so I thought a cute skirt was in order! I had some ‘denim’ look yarn leftover from a hat project, and thought that’d be perfect.

Very had to capture her in said skirt though. Not surprising.

It’s an easy piece, and works up fairly quickly. DD is 18 months, and on the petite side so I’d say this is a 12-18 month size skirty.

Skirty is unblocked in this pic. Just to show that this will curl, so blocking is a good idea.

D hook

H hook-Tunisian hook

WW Yarn

TSS-Tunisian Simple Stitch

TPS-Tunisian Purl Stitch

Skirt is worked by making the waistband first, then you pick up stitches along the edge with the Tunisian hook and work the skirt from the waist down.

Baby model is wearing a cloth diaper, which this barely fits I may go up a hook on the next skirt. Fits much better over a conventional dipe.

TPS is used on the bottom ‘hem’ to help with curling, but I do recommend blocking this piece.


With D hook, ch 10, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each across- 9 sts

Next row: ch 1, sc in back loop only in each st across.

Repeat this row 80 more times. Waistband made!

Switch to H hook, do not turn. You’ll work the skirt in Tunisian from here.

Pick up 42 sts across edge of waistband. Work a return row. 43 sts

Row 1: Tss across. Work a return pass. 43 sts

Row 2: Tss in first 2 sts, [inc, tss in next 3 sts] across to last 4 sts, tss in next 3, inc, tss in last st. Work return pass. 57 sts

Rows 3-4: Tss across. Work return pass.

Row 5: Tss in first 3 sts, [inc, tss in next 4 sts] across to last 5 sts, tss in next 4, inc, tss in last st. work return pass. 71 sts

Rows 6-29: Tss across. Work return pass.

Row 30: Bind off in tps

Break yarn, weave in ends.

Thread a length of yarn onto a sewing needle, and starting from the waistband, sew sides together, leaving about an inch open at the bottom (split ‘hem’)

Major curlage on the back side! This is still pre-blocking, so blocking will hopefully help.  I’ll post some pics after blocking.



  1. So cute. I like the curling on the bottom.I really need to learn tunisian, love the look of the stitches.

    • It’s really fun! And addictive. I love making things in Tunisian.

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