Posted by: cloverchild | March 7, 2011

First Day of Class!

Tonight is my first Tunisian Crochet Class! I’m so excited!

I have 12 people signed up too..and I know they had to cut it off, which makes me wonder how many people were interested. .

I’ll be doing basics behind it tonight, but we’ll be doing a dishcloth for practice. Exciting, I know, but it is practical. I wrote up a pattern for a dishcloth which is pretty basic, but gives you a few tips for Tunisian crochet. So, I think it is a good first project, and of course I’m making it available here. I may also do some picture tutorials on here, if I get the time to.

Note: having trouble uploading pics at the moment..more pics will be added soon!

1 ½ oz WW Cotton Yarn-Peaches n’ Creme or similar. I did not use the whole lil skein to make this.

Size H Afghan hook


TSS-Tunisian Simple Stitch

TKS-Tunisian Knit Stitch

YO-Yarn Over


BO-Bind Off

SC-Single Crochet

SL ST-Slip Stitch

This pattern is to help understand the basics of Tunisian Crochet. Tunisian Crochet combines regular crochet with many aspects of knitting, giving different textures and effects to your work. Your work is always facing you, and Tunisian Crochet is worked with two passes making up a row: a forward pass and a return pass.

The forward pass is to pick up stitches across, and the return pass is to set up a base for the next row to make stitches from. A return pass is worked almost always the same as in this pattern for every pattern, unless otherwise stated.

You will always skip the very first vertical bar when working Tunisian Crochet, unless a pattern states otherwise (usually for certain stitches).  Keeping your first loop tight will help make for a neater edge, so watch your tension at the beginning of a row.

Tension is key-keeping your work tighter in certain spots, like at the beginning and end row stitches, helps keep your sides neater, but tension should be less on the beginning chain and when working the bind off row, to help prevent curling edges.

To start in Tunisian crochet, you will need to make a foundation row. You will do this by starting with a chain, and picking up loops across the chain (I like to go thru the back loops, to give a neater edge), then working a return pass. This will give you the vertical bar setup that you will work into for Tunisian Crochet.

When ending a pattern in Tunisian Crochet, you will have to work a bind off row. It is very similar to knitting in this regard; usually you will bind off in the stitch you have been working with. I’ll explain exactly how to do so at the end of the pattern.

The Pattern:

To start, ch 30(Be sure not to make this too tightly).

Now, make a foundation row: insert hook into the back hump of the second ch from hook, yo and pull up a loop. Repeat this across the ch-you should have 30 loops on your hook.

Then, work a return pass: Yo, pull thru one loop on hook, [yo and pull thru two loops on hook] repeat [ ] across. This will give you 30 vertical bars across.

You can now start your rows!

Row 1: You will work TSS across for the forward pass. To do a TSS, insert hook into the second vertical bar from right to left, yo and pull up a loop. Repeat this across the row in each vertical bar to the last vertical bar; TKS in last set of vertical bars. To do this, insert hook from front to back of vertical bars, yo and pull up a loop. Doing a TKS at the end will help give your side a neater edge.

Work a return pass as before: yo and pull thru one loop, [yo and pull thru two loops] repeat [ ] across.

Rows 2-25: Repeat Row 1

Row 26: Work a bind off row: Tss in second stitch-you have two loops on the hook. Now pull that second loop thru the first one; one stitch bound off!

Work in this fashion across [tss in next stitch, pull thru one loop] to the last stitch, tks in last stitch, pull thru one loop.

You can leave the cloth like this, and break your yarn and fasten off here, or you can do a single crochet border around. I like to do this to prevent curling and give my cloth a nicer finish.

To do a sc border, do not break your yarn. You’ll work down the left side, across the bottom, up the right side, and across the top.

Ch 1, sc into left side of last tks st, sc down left edge (1 sc into each row end), put 2 sc into the corner, sc across bottom edge (1 sc into each stitch), put 2 sc into corner, sc up right edge (1 sc into each row end), 2 sc into corner, sc across top edge (1 sc into each stitch) to beginning ch 1, sl st to ch 1, break yarn and fasten off.

Weave in ends, and block if necessary.



  1. Hailey- 1st class was great- I finished my dishcloth. Have a few questions for class-see you Monday.

    • Glad to hear it! Hope it turned out well! See you monday night!

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