Posted by: cloverchild | April 5, 2011

Eternal Snow Slouch

Sometimes you just think it’ll snow forever here. The weather has been perfectly horrid the past week, in an almost protest to spring.


It’s snowed here in June before so I don’t know why I’m surprised. I do wish the 50 mph wind would at least die down a bit. That’s getting particularly old. And every time I wake up and think ‘today I’ll start some seeds!’ it seems to snow..

So I decided to make myself a hat.

May as well keep warm and my hair less…foofy. I’d rather have slight hat hair than look like a bad chia pet.  I decided I’d knit this one’s rather comfy, so at least I have some solace in a squishy stretchy hat while the weather has it’s tantrum.

Sums up my feelings on the weather.

Eternal Snow Slouchy Hat

Size 7 16” circular

Size 10 16” circular

WW yarn-bout 3 oz


With size 7 needle, cast on 88 sts, join and pm.

Work in twisted 1 x 1 rib until piece measures 2 in.

Switch to size 10 circular.

Continue working in twisted rib, until piece measures 6 in from beginning.

Next row: [work in the next 22 sts, pm] repeat 2 more times. Work in the last 22 sts.

Start decreases!

Row 1: k2tog, [work to 2 sts before marker, ssk, slip marker, k2tog] repeat [] around. End with ssk. 80 sts

Rows 2-3: Work even around.

Row 4: repeat row 1. 72 sts

Rows 5-6: work even around.

Row 7: repeat row 1. 64 sts

Row 8: work even around.

Repeat rows 7 and 8 until 24 sts left.

Work one more row 1, removing markers as you go.

Break yarn, leaving long tail. Thread onto needle and pull through remaining 14 sts. Fasten off.

I suppose this is technically reversible…not much difference between sides, but oh well! It’s nice and stretchy, so it’s very comforting when it’s supposed to be 50 degrees outside and it decided to blizzard.



  1. I love simple slouchy hats, and this one sure looks warm! Love it!

    • Thanks! It’s nice and toasty. and it started raining on me on my way home from my class 😛 so, glad I made a new hat!

  2. Hi ! im a newbie and trying to figure out this pattern. what does the abbreviation ‘pm’ mean, and how to do you the twisted rib stitch? thanks!

    • ‘pm’ means place marker and the twisted rib stitch is simply knitting into the back of the stitch. It just gives your work a little twist, making your rib tighter. If it’s too bothersome I’d just do the pattern in regular rib 🙂 I just wanted to give it an extra bit of oomph in the stretch department.

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