Posted by: cloverchild | June 24, 2011

Briar Rose Cardigan

I decided to start doing another cardigan for my DD in Tunisian, and it turned out well enough to make into a pattern!

It’s a pretty simple top down, raglan sleeve cardigan, and I did Tunisian Cluster Stitch for the skirt. Which, I found out, slanted like nobody’s business when I got done!! I really recommend blocking if this happens to you. I did steam blocking and that has worked best for me so far, as opposed to wet blocking.

This is after leaving it can still see that it’s a bit wavy. May have to block again, since they’re supposed to be straight rows of clusters! Oh well. Still cute! Size is for a 2T.

I’m thinking this would be easier on a cabled tunisian hook, but I did just fine with a very long one. The sleeves are also worked flat, which may seem odd at first (and the first 2 rows are wonky) but it makes them easy, honest! I stitched them up using a sort of mattress stitch.

Note-If you keep every last stitch of your forward pass a tunisian knit stitch instead of tunisian simple stitch, it’ll make sewing/attaching edging a LOT easier for you!



K tunisian hook-Mine was a 14″ hook

I hook-regular

F hook-regular

2 skeins of Vanna’s Choice (DD destroyed labels a while ago…I don’t know what is with her and labels!) or similar heavy worsted weight

Small bit of contrasting for rose, though that’s optional of course

TSS-tunisian simple stitch

TCLST-tunisian cluster stitch-this one is worked on your return pass-I explain briefly in the pattern how to do it, but next stitch has a good video of it if you need a visual! Just remember I start off my return row with a yo and pull thru 3 loops, instead of the 2 they use in the video

Inc-to increase, insert hook into next horizontal bar, yo and pull up a loop. So on the increase for the raglan shaping, you’ll increase in the horizontal bar before the next tss st, then do a tss, then increase in the horizontal bar after your tss st.

With K hook, ch 36

work foundation row

row 1: tss in first 5 sts, [inc, tss, inc] in next st, tss in next 4 sts [inc, tss, inc], 
tss in next 12 sts, [inc, tss, inc],  tss in next 4 sts, [inc, tss, inc], tss in next 5 sts, tks in last st

work return pass

rows 2-11 : repeat row 1, working [ ] in center tss st of last [ ]

ROW 12: Tss to center st of last [ ], skip over sts to next center st of last [ ], tss in this st
(one sleeve made), tss across back to next center st of [ ], skip over sts to next center
st of [ ], tss in this st, tss to end (sleeves made!) Work return pass

rows 13-15 : tss across, work return pass.
Close up of tunisian cluster stitch-You'll work this next!

row 16: tss across, and on return pass:
yo and pull thru 3 loops (half cluster), {ch 3, yo and pull thru 5 loops} repeat { } across
to last 2 sts (3 loops on hook), ch 3, yo and pull thru last 3 loops.

row 17: tss across, but place sts in horizontal bars, and the top loop above the clusters-one st in
each of the 3 ch, and one in top of every cluster. Should end up with what you started with (73 sts in my case)
Work return pass as in row 16

repeat row 17 10

Next row: work as forward pass in row 17, but return as normal in stead of tclst

last row: work a bind off row in tps

break yarn, fasten off


starting at underside of sleeve, pick up 28 sts around in tss. work return pass.

row 1: tss across, work return pass

row 2: tss to last 2 sts, tss2tog, return pass to last 2 sts (3 loops on hook), yo annd pull
thru 3 loops. 26 sts

repeat rows 1 and 2 once more- 24 sts

work even for 13 more rows.

last row: bind off in tps st. 

break yarn leaving long tail for sewing. sew up underside of sleeve

repeat for other sleeve

with I hook,
join yarn to bottom right front corner of skirt (on the tunisian cluster edge) with rs facing, and sc 25 sts up
skirt, then sl st up right front tss panel to corner of neck, then do a picot border 
around neck: [sc, ch 2, sl st in first ch, sl st in next st] repeat [ ] around neck, then sl st down
left front tss panel, then 25 sc down left side of skirt.

rose and tie

with f hook and pink yarn, ch 12 

3 dc in 3rd ch from hook, [sl st in next ch, 4 dc in next ch] repeat [ ] across.

break yarn leaving long tail for sewing

roll up rose and sew together. Sew onto front left panel.

for ties, with f hook and main color, attach to one top corner of collar, ch 43, sl st back down ch
thru back humps. repeat for other side

block piece

Please email me with any questions!





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